How Much Should I Spend On A Door Installation? Edmonton

If you don’t know what you should be paying, chances are you’re going to be overcharged. Working with contractors is like an art form. The majority will always try to overcharge, that’s just how the world works. But that doesn’t mean you have to pay what they want. If you know the prices you want to pay, use it. Negotiate and get the price you want. Most contractors expect to be negotiated with, but how are you supposed to negotiate when you don’t know what prices to ask for? This article is intent upon teaching you the ins and outs of what you should actually be paying. Don’t worry, by the time you’ve read through this article, you’ll be an expert. Not only will you know exactly how to negotiate with most contractors, but you’re also going to save yourself a whole bunch of cash. You get the gist, let’s jump right into it.

House Doors – Product Costs

As you may have guessed, doors in Edmonton are like doors everywhere else. They come in a large variety of shapes, sizes, colors, quality, and more. Because of this, the price ranges! The average price of a door in Edmonton is generally anywhere from $473 to $1,424. And this is just for interior doors! Doors for the exterior house range from $1,200 to $2,200. Why the price increase you may ask? Well, exterior doors require heavy weather and waterproofing, which interior doors do not. The better your doors are sealed the less you’ll spend on heating and cooling, not to mention you won’t have to mop up water every time it rains. Generally, these are the ranges to work within. The closer you can get to the bottom of the range the better, but don’t go any farther because you may frustrate the contractor or retailer (which is never a good idea considering they’re doing work on your house).

House Doors – Labour & Repair Costs

Unless you’re installing a door all by yourself, the contractor will need to commute to your location. The average contractor will commute to you for about $80. When it comes to actually install a new door frame, the average contractor charges about $350. Repairing an older and/or damaged door costs about $159 on average.

Do keep in mind that just because it’s cheaper to repair a door does not mean you should choose that over a new one. If your door is damaged severely, a repair may not help. Typically the door itself is only as good as the frame it sits in, and if that frame is damaged you’re looking at repair costs for both. At this point, you might as well just buy a new door and door frame. It also brings up safety concerns. It’s not typically a good idea to rely on a damaged door to protect you. What happens if a big storm rolls through and simply pushes over your old broken door? Everything inside your home could be ruined! Furniture, prized possessions, electronics, and more! Trust us, in the long run, replacing a door is definitely the best choice.

Garage Doors

As you may have guessed, Garage Doors are a lot more expensive than regular doors. The cost of installation for a basic single car garage door ranges from $500 to $1,500. Generally, the price goes up with difficulty, so if your garage door is in a tricky position, or is very heavy, chances are you pay more. When trying to negotiate a lower price, be sure to take all situational factors into account. If it’s a safe installation and it’s a very basic, uncomplicated door, negotiate a price closer to the bottom end.

For double car garage doors, custom garage doors, and high quality (and highly complicated) garages, you’re likely to pay anywhere from $1,500 to $3,000. Similarly to the more simple garage doors, the higher quality it is the more complicated it is. Meaning it’ll be more difficult to install, and the price goes up. The more intricate parts there are, the more time it takes to install. Definitely keep all this in mind and you’ll do a great job negotiating over the price of garage doors (and the previously mentioned doors). For more information feel free to reach one of our specialists!


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