Best Window Dressing Ideas – A Comprehensive List

Your home wouldn’t be a home if you didn’t have windows. They let light in and change up the vibe. They let you see out into the outside world. But at the same time, they add a level of privacy that cannot be forgotten. They stop sound from coming through. They keep you safe from the weather and keep intruders out of your house. Such an important feature should look nice shouldn’t it? In this article, we’ll be discussing all the best window dressing ideas. Each and everyone is sure to spice up your windows and make everything look so much better.

Window Shutters – Window shutters are a super popular option. Not only are they functional, but they essentially turn unused (or dead) space into a super interesting location. Shutters can help you save energy, save you money, and of course maintain your privacy. The various types of shutters out there include the classic style, the guide and glide style, tier-on-tier, bay window, and so much more.

Conservatory Blinds – This should be the option for you if you want your home to look super modern and refreshing. This is the option for people who typically fancy themselves as being classy and professional. Conservatory Blinds are functional and don’t stand out. They make the room come together, and do everything you could ever possibly want them too. They’ll save energy, money, maintain privacy, and so much more.

Venetian Blinds – Coming in both wooden options and modern designs, Venetian blinds are a flashback to the 1940s. They turn your home into something out of the glory days. Named after one of the most infamous and influential decades, the Venetian blinds are an excellent option. They too allow for energy conservation, money-saving, and of course privacy in all ways.

Pleated Window Blinds – Pleated Window Blinds are definitely the best option for bright and wide-open areas. They come in a wide variety of colors, and the materials they’re made from are virtually always awesome.

Curtains – Curtains are an older trend that a lot of people tend to modernize. They’re fantastic for keeping out light, and really bring back vibes from the 80s. They’re an acquired taste, but curtains can really bring a window together. You can even match them to your furniture. Not to mention they’ll actually help keep the temperature of your home steady.

Bay Window Blinds – A lot of people struggle to decorate their bay windows. They tend to be huge and take up large portions of your home. Decorating them incorrectly, or perhaps not up to your style, can be a buzzkill and perhaps even depressing. Bay Window Blinds are definitely a great option. They’re a subtle decoration that brings the space together. Once you’ve added the blinds everything else seems minor and comes together fairly quickly.

Furniture – Furniture isn’t just functional, it’s decorative. Placing a desk or a couch in front of your bay window is perhaps one of the best ways to decorate the space. You can even combine them with blinds or curtains should you choose too. A lot of people really enjoy just sitting in front of your bay windows because you can see so much. If you have a bay window on an upper floor, perhaps you may want to try placing furniture facing it. That way you can see outside and really get a good look at everything going on. It’s honestly a great place to have coffee, tea, or simply read a book.

Trial and Error – When it comes to furniture, we recommend that you take a trial and error approach to the task. Start small. Maybe move a table or a plant to the window. If you don’t like it switch to something else that may be functional. Move a comfy chair and a side table and sit there for a few hours. After a bit, if you don’t like it, change it up! Maybe try moving a desk there and see what happens! Remember to actually use what you put there, and don’t overthink every choice you make! Overthinking your choices is an excellent way to get absolutely nowhere.

Curved Furniture – If you have a curved table, we recommend adding furniture that curves with space. A couch with a decent curve will not only fit well but look really good.

Final Thoughts – We hope this article really helped you figure out which window dressing ideas work for you! For more information feel free to reach out to us and we’ll do our absolute best to acknowledge all of your comments and questions.

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