Casement windows: features and benefits

High-quality casement windows in Boyle

Canglow will install high quality casement windows in your home in Boyle. This is one of the best real estate investment options. Casement windows will provide great visibility, good ventilation and will not cause any problems in operation. Convenient locking mechanisms securely lock the sash.

Replace your old windows with new vinyl windows to improve your home’s performance and reduce your utility bills. Our windows are an energy efficient solution for Canada’s climate.

Casement window design

The system can consist of one or several units. We combine fixed and movable parts to make it easy for you to maintain the window. The number of sashes depends on the width of the opening: the larger the glazing area, the more units we will install.

Casement windows are great for installation in a bedroom, living room, children’s room, kitchen and any other room in your home. You can open the sashes and completely clear the opening to enjoy fresh air from the street. The window will provide a good view of your surroundings.

The main advantage of casement designs is convenient opening to the right or left side. The hinges are attached to the side of the frame. The window is easy to open, even if a child takes the job. At your request, the window will open outward or inward with a single push of the handle.

Advantages of casement windows

Easy care.

Open the sash fully to clean the glass inside and out. You won’t have to bring a ladder up to the facade, or call in professionals to clean the windows on the top floor. Vinyl frames retain their color, so you can forget about tinting.

Comfortable operation.

The casement windows open to 90 degrees. The movable unit is easy to move thanks to the side hinge arrangement. You do not have to make any effort to open a large window.

Energy Efficiency.

We use energy-efficient double-glazed windows with elastic seals. The space around the frame is filled with assembly foam to keep the cold out of your home. In winter, the windows will keep you warm and reduce your heating costs, and in summer, they will keep you cool and reduce the burden on your air conditioning.

High security.

Casement windows are equipped with reliable locking mechanisms. The design will protect your home from burglary, theft. We install double-glazed windows with tempered glass so that no one can break the window with a stone or other heavy object.

Great overview.

The large glazing area will allow an unobstructed view of the garden, street or terrace. If we install a window with two sashes, there will be only one vertical post in the fully open aperture.

Good ventilation.

A casement window is the best solution if you want to ventilate a room. The sashes open fully. Your room will be filled with fresh air and sunlight. The sash will direct the airflow right inside your home.

The original design.

Our collection features windows in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. Choose the design that suits your home. We will customize the window to match the exterior of your home, taking into account the style of the interiors. New windows will give your home a more modern look. Properties with quality glazing are highly valued in the housing market.

Universal use

A high quality casement window is suitable for any room in your home. Order the installation of structures on the veranda, in the basement or in the living room. You can install a movable sash in panoramic glazing for unobstructed access to the outdoors. Casement windows are stylish, comfortable and economical.

Types of casement windows

Sliding sash models are suitable for openings of varying widths and heights. We install a variety of window options popular in the Alberta market.

Classic casement windows

In such models we combine movable and fixed sashes. The windows are suitable for all rooms on any floor, they are also installed in the garage, on the veranda, in the laundry room and other auxiliary rooms. For glazing bay windows, special bay window constructions of complex shape are used. One or two units are movable, the rest are stationary.

Blind windows

The design consists of one fixed sash. The window does not open. Its main function is to improve the natural illumination of the room. Deaf models are installed in rooms that do not need intensive ventilation. Most often, the stationary unit is mounted in narrow openings, if there are other windows in the room that can be opened. Excellent option for attic, hallway, garage.

Egress window

Egress window is your emergency escape route. In the event of a fire or other emergency, you can open the sash and get out of your home. Exit windows must be sized according to the Canadian Building Code. For an emergency exit window, we usually modify the opening to allow an adult to pass through.

Configuration options

A casement window can be quite small, serving for a view or ventilation. We also install large floor-to-ceiling designs that fill an entire wall. The most popular configurations are single-leaf, double-leaf, and triple-leaf windows.

Single-leaf window

One sash is installed in the opening. The window is opened fully, tilted for ventilation. The sash is usually small to make it easier to move. Depending on the weight, the construction is fixed on two or three side hinges.

Single-leaf models are easy to maintain, let in plenty of sunlight and are perfect for narrow openings. Modern mechanisms allow you to open the sash to the desired size and fix it for safe ventilation of the room.

Double-paned window

The construction consists of two blocks. Both parts can be movable, or one fixed and one movable part. A vertical post is installed between the sashes in the center of the opening. It gives the window rigidity, increases its resistance to wind and precipitation.

Double glazed windows are suitable for tall and wide openings. It is the best choice for glazing rooms on the second floor of the house, kitchens, bathrooms and other rooms for which good ventilation is important.

Three-pane windows

The design consists of three blocks. Of these, one or two parts will be fixed. Most often, the middle unit is left fixed, and the two outermost units are attached to hinges for easy opening.

Three-pane windows are installed in wide openings. This is an excellent solution for a living room, fireplace room, veranda, winter garden. All sashes can be different or have the same size.

Ways of installing casement windows in Boyle

Canglow will perform full-frame replacement or modernization of your home’s windows.

Full-frame replacement will increase window performance, improving energy efficiency. We remove the old frame completely. Our installers clean the opening, install new construction, and seal gaps. During the window replacement process, we will also upgrade the trim, soffits.

Full-frame replacement is recommended for old structures that have lost their best qualities. During the work, we will eliminate defects in the opening. The new window will better protect your home from drafts.

Window upgrades are done to improve the performance of a home. We only remove the glazing. The frame of your old window remains in place in the opening. We will replace the seals, install window sashes.

Retrofitting costs less than full-frame replacement and is quicker. The efficiency of your windows will improve.

We recommend ordering a retrofit if the old frames are in good condition. There should be no defects in the construction.

The cost of window replacement in Boyle

Canglow installs vinyl windows designed specifically for Alberta’s climate. Our designs can withstand the coldest winters and protect you from gusty winds, snow, and humidity. We use laminated glass units and quality hardware to create our windows.

What the price of glazing depends on:

  1. Type of double-glazed window. We install double and triple glazing, variants with tempered glass. It is possible to apply a low-emission coating LoE on the glass, which will increase the energy efficiency of the window.
  2. Equipment. There are several variants of handles, locks, ventilation systems to choose from. We complete constructions with the best seals and modern accessories.
  3. Dimensions and shape. We produce inexpensive standard windows and work with individual projects. We will produce a design that will emphasize the style of your home.

Leave a request on our website, and a surveyor will come to you in Boyle for an accurate price calculation. The specialist will bring samples of materials and agree with you on the design of the window.

Your best choice for window replacement in Boyle

Browse the window collections from Canglow and choose the best option for you. We offer high quality designs that are Energy Star certified. Our windows are grant eligible. We can design a project for any style of home.

Why it’s best to partner with Canglow:

  • excellent discounts up to 28% on everything: on windows and installation;
  • start working after 30% prepayment;
  • your savings on the grant $ 5600;
  • production and installation of the window in 6-8 weeks;
  • quality guarantees specified in the contract.

Buy new casement windows and reduce the cost of your budget. Call Canglow for a detailed consultation.


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