High quality casement windows in Bonnyville

Canglow is your trusted partner for the replacement and installation of high quality casement windows in Bonnyville. We offer premium designs. New casement windows will protect your home from the weather and help you save on utility bills in Canada’s climate.

High-quality windows in Bonnyville

Bonnyville and other cities in Alberta are known for their beautiful architecture. But the walls and roof of a home are only part of its exterior appearance. The exterior of your home depends a lot on the design of your windows.

New frames will beautify the facade. In addition, energy efficient windows from Canglow will improve the performance of your home and reduce your energy costs. This is a great option for investment. Budget for window replacement in Bonnyville and experience the savings on your own wallet.

Facts why you should choose Canglow

We deliver the highest quality windows to any home in Bonnyville. Our designs are developed specifically for the Alberta climate. Fully Canadian manufacturing – the facility is located in Toronto.

Our benefits:

  • 25 year warranty on our vinyl windows;
  • 30% down payment for your project;
  • 10 – 15% your benefit in the price of your windows compared to ordering from other companies;
  • 25,000 windows already installed in various cities across Alberta;
  • in-house installers – not contractors;
  • over 500 window styles to choose from.

Our company is a 2016 Best Awards honoree. The Houzz website has named Canglow the company with the best service in 2018, 2019, and 2020. In 2022, we have been named The Best Windows Installation Service in Edmonton. You can trust your replacement windows in the safe hands of our installers.

First-rate vinyl windows in Bonnyville

Vinyl windows are one of the outstanding products in the Alberta market. They are better than wood or aluminum because they do not corrode. Vinyl frames don’t rot, remain strong, attractive for at least 25 years. Install vinyl windows and forget about having to paint them!

High strength

Our Toronto manufacturing facility produces high quality PVC construction. Windows are rigid, durable, withstand strong wind and snow. The main elements of the frame have additional reinforcement. You will not have to face window deformation or other damage related to low strength

Energy efficiency

New vinyl windows eliminate the risk of leaks, cold. In winter, they will keep your home warm and help you pay less for heating. In the summer, the windows won’t let the cool out. You’ll be able to turn on the air conditioner less often to keep your rooms at a comfortable temperature.

We use energy efficient double-glazed units to complete our windows. Each design is specially modified for maximum performance:

  • The space between the panes is filled with inert gas. We use argon, which does not conduct heat. The inert gas will be an excellent insulator against wind and cold.
  • The glass is coated with a special LoE coating. The thin film reflects heat rays. The LoE coating on the outside of the insulating glass unit will reduce the sun’s rays. On the inside, the film reflects heat and prevents it from leaving your home through the windows.
  • Seals around the entire perimeter of the frame. Our installers use elastic sealing tape. Seams, joints are filled with assembly foam. We do not leave cold bridges, which means that your new frames will not freeze even in the coldest winter.

Vinyl windows require minimal maintenance. Simply wash the frames and dust them. Canglow staff will maintain your windows to ensure that the sash is always tight against the frame.

Unique style and design

You can order a customized project for your home. We will paint the frames in any covering color or offer an original window design. You can choose handles, hinges of the desired color. New vinyl windows will completely match the exterior and interior of your home.

Unlike aluminum and wood, plastic does not burn out in the sun. The paint is distributed in the mass of the material, so you won’t have to see the coating peeling off the surface. The frames will remain bright and beautiful for many years.

Types and forms of casement windows

Classic casement windows.

The design can have from one to several swinging sashes. Most often we install double and triple sash windows. They are easy to maintain and provide excellent ventilation. One or two sashes can open and completely clear the opening. It is possible to combine movable units with stationary ones.


The movable sash is used as a door to access your terrace, conservatory or your backyard. We will install the movable unit in your panoramic glazing and you can not only admire the views, but also provide ventilation to the room at all times.


Awning windows are a versatile choice for your home. Install them in your kitchen, basement or garage. Awning windows can be opened from the top or bottom for ventilation.

A blank window.

The design consists of one fixed sash. The fixed window can be of any size. We produce rectangular, square, triangular, arched frames and other shapes. A great choice for openings that don’t need to be opened for ventilation. Choose fixed windows for hallways, attics, lobbies with lots of other openings.

Bay & Bow.

Bay windows with multiple sashes will give a unique look to your home. They are perfect for glazing large openings, protruding structures on the facade. A bay window will help you create an additional comfortable space for relaxation and work. One or two sashes can be fully opened for easy maintenance.

Egress windows.

These windows provide you with security. Through the exit window, you can quickly leave the house in case of fire or other danger. The characteristics of such a window must meet strict requirements. We comply with the height, width of the sash, finalize the opening so that the design allows even an adult to exit. Choose an exit window for the cellar, basement, basement floor of your home.

F. A. Q.

How long will it take to replace the windows in my home?

We try to manufacture windows as quickly as possible while maintaining the highest quality. On average, the realization of a project takes 6-10 weeks.

How do I get the maximum discount on replacement windows in Alberta?

Our windows are eligible for a grant. We also provide a discount on all services. Your benefit will not only be on the price of the windows, but also on the installation. To maximize your discount, order replacement windows for your entire home. The more designs you buy, the greater your benefit.

How much does a quality casement window cost?

The price of the project depends on the type and number of windows you choose. We calculate the cost individually for each house. Call us and we will provide a detailed calculation.

What payment options do you offer?

Choose the option that’s right for you. You can get an interest-free Canada Greener Homes Loan, installment loans up to 12 months. Call us to request an appraisal. We’ll get you the best financial offer.

Offer from Canglow

For us, quality comes first. Our installers are well versed in Canada’s building code requirements and can install windows in complex openings. We guarantee that our designs will make your home warmer and more secure. We provide an official warranty with extensive coverage.

You’ll also get a favorable price and excellent payment terms. Our windows are Energy Star certified and qualify for a grant. You will save up to $5600 on replacement windows in your home. The maximum discount for our customers is up to 28%

At Canglow you can buy a uniquely styled window. We offer many colors, designs, decors to choose from. You can paint the frame in different colors inside and outside the house. This is one of the best deals on the market in Canada.

How to get high quality casement windows for your home

With just a few simple steps, you can maximize your home’s performance and create a comfortable living environment:

  1. You must contact us in any convenient way. We accept applications by phone, email and at our office in Alberta.
  2. Our manager will offer you a convenient date for the arrival of a measuring technician. The specialist will take measurements, show samples of materials, calculate the cost of new windows.
  3. We will prepare a contract for the replacement of windows in your home. The document must be signed and prepayment must be made.
  4. Immediately after prepayment your order is sent to our factory. We manufacture high-end windows for your home within 6-10 months.
  5. The company manager will call you when everything is ready. We will schedule a day convenient for you, bring the windows and install them on a turnkey basis.

After installation, 100% payment is made. We will give you certificates, warranty documents for the windows. After a few days, the company manager will call you to find out if you are satisfied with your new windows.

We are always happy to offer you the best deals on window replacement in Bonnyville. Call us, email us or leave a request online. We will make sure that you are completely satisfied with your new casement windows from Canglow.


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