Canglow is an expert in installing high quality windows and doors in Edmonton

Choose Full Frame vs. Retrofit Window

Canglow, Edmonton’s leading window supplier, is proud to announce that it has received the prestigious Winner For The Best Windows Installation in Wood Buffalo award. This award recognizes businesses that have achieved an average quality score of 95% or higher over the previous 12 months. The award received by our team validates Canglow’s superior professionalism!

Years of experience, in-depth expertise, and the use of new product technologies allow our firm to install windows and doors in Edmonton that meet the most stringent standards for energy efficiency, reliability, and aesthetics.

New solutions for window and door replacement in Edmonton

As Edmonton’s leading window company, Canglow offers a wide range of innovative replacement glazing and entry door solutions. Our highly trained professionals are ready to tackle projects of any complexity, ensuring flawless installation and maximizing energy efficiency.

The company’s range of modern windows in Edmonton includes:

  • Multi-chamber PVC profiles with increased thermal insulation properties.
  • Windows with low-emission i-glass and argon filling.
  • Functional glass with lattice.
  • Safety windows with triplex glass and tempered glass.
  • We also offer elegant patio doors and French doors.

Utilizing new manufacturing techniques and high quality materials from Edmonton’s trusted window suppliers, Canglow creates solutions that are 100% suitable for Alberta’s harsh climate. Our windows and doors provide superior insulation, soundproofing and burglary protection, ensuring the comfort and security of your home.

Professional window and door installation from Canglow


When you entrust window and door installation in Edmonton to our Canglow team, you can be assured of impeccable workmanship. Our skilled professionals have years of installation experience and in-depth knowledge of modern installation techniques.

We use advanced anchoring, sealing and insulation techniques to ensure that the windows and doors we install in Edmonton are as energy efficient, durable and functional as possible. Each project is completed in strict compliance with local building codes and energy efficiency standards.

A wide range of stylish and reliable solutions

Canglow offers a large range of high quality windows and doors to meet the most demanding customer requirements. We have elegant fiberglass entry doors, modern exterior doors, classic bay windows and innovative glass windows.

Our managers will help you find the best solution that seamlessly fits your home’s architecture and reflects your lifestyle. Whether you favor classic charm or a modern aesthetic, Canglow can help you create the home of your dreams.

Competitive prices and exceptional quality

Replacing windows and doors is a big expense. That is why we offer competitive product prices without compromising on quality. Direct cooperation with leading manufacturers, optimized production and installation processes allow us to provide customers with high quality solutions at attractive prices. With Canglow, you can be sure to get the most out of your investment in new windows and doors!




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