Wooden Window Care and Maintenance Tips

Wooden windows have numerous benefits, such as the ability to give a home a rustic, elegant, and historic look. However, while wooden windows can be very beautiful to look at, they also have some drawbacks, particularly maintenance. They need to be properly taken care of or they will become an eyesore. In fact, even with the advent of modern stains and paints, wooden windows will still require periodic maintenance and cleaning, so that they look their absolute best and last for a long time.

Here, we will focus primarily on wooden window maintenance and the steps you can take to ensure that your wooden windows look as amazing as when you first had them installed by a window and door company.

Paintwork and Stainwork

Both the interior and exterior surfaces of bare wooden windows should have a quality finish applied to them after they have been installed. Also, in order to prevent damage to the wooden components of your windows, you will need to refinish them in due time, as the finish will eventually begin to degrade or wear down.

Furthermore, the exterior of your window frames will need to be refinished more often than the interior part, as the exterior will be exposed to the harsh elements, while the interior will be protected. You can ensure that the application will be flat and clean by smoothing the surface with some fine-grit sandpaper before you refinish your wooden windows.

It should also be noted that you do not necessarily have to water-seal your windows, nor do you have to stain them. For instance, you can opt to paint them instead. However, if you do decide to paint them then you should prime the window frame first, assuming that your window manufacturer hasn’t already done so.

There are also many advantages to priming your windows, such as maximizing the adhesive properties of your paint. Use oil or latex-based paint for your wooden windows after you have applied your primer.

Degradation is also something that you need to be aware of. Take the time to check your windows’ stain and paintwork from time to time. You may discover that certain areas have begun to break down. The good news is you can mitigate or rectify these issues by repainting or refinishing the frames in order to protect them from any ensuing moisture damage.

How to Clean Wooden Windows

Unfortunately, window frames are not invulnerable to debris, dust, and dirt particles, which will eventually accumulate on your window frames; particularly on the exterior part of your wood windows. While most of the dirt buildup seems superficial it can actually conceal very serious problems that have begun to form underneath.

We would strongly recommend that you clean your wooden windows as often as you can so that you can easily detect any issues, such as peeling paint or finish, or cracks, while they are still minor and easily fixable. In fact, failure to address minor issues can lead to far more serious problems down the line, such as frame rot, that may necessitate a complete replacement.

In order to clean your windows, you will need to get your hands on some warm water and a brush with soft bristles. If you’re dealing with more profound dirt or grime buildup then you can make your life easier by adding some mild detergent to the mix. If you detect a few cracks in the frame while you are cleaning them then they should be swiftly sealed with either a matching primer and paint amalgam or a finishing product.

In some instances, the cracks may be so pronounced that they have a drastic impact on the aesthetics of the frame itself. If this is the case, you should fill the large cracks with some wood-based filler and then proceed to sand it down.

How to Caulk Your Wooden Windows

The reason why caulking your windows is so important is that doing so will help protect your window frames’ edges from moisture and its effects. You should also routinely check the exterior caulking of your window frames near the outer edges. In some cases, you may discover some cracked or loose caulking that should be trimmed as soon as possible.

Use some top of the line exterior caulk in order to properly close off any gaps. Remember not to use a caulk that is designed for the interior of your window frames, as it will give your windows inadequate protection against the harsh elements, and will break down in record time.

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