Window Grilles – What Types Are There On The Market?

Window grilles are something that most homeowners might not have ever even heard of, so there is a good chance that they also won’t know what their purpose is. The purpose of window grilles is to hold your multi-paned windows in place. With window grilles, you won’t have to worry about your window breaking apart when they are being shipped to your home. For window contractors, window grilles or window grids, as they are also commonly called, are a breath of fresh air because they don’t have to worry about windows cracking during the transportation to the home they are being installed in.

In many homes today, window grids are commonly used to increase the overall aesthetics of a home. For that reason, it pays to do a little bit of research on what type of window grids to go with for your home.

Styles Of Windows Grids

If you’re thinking about getting window grids, you’ll typically want the grids to match whatever type of home you have. Homes with a deeply architectural design can aesthetically benefit from window grids.

There are many different types of window grids available for homes, and you can get your window grids customized to your own specific tastes. A lot of older homes have window grids, and many people like to get window grids for their windows to have their home making a bold statement that is specific to that era.

Colonial Grid Windows

With colonial-style grid windows, there is an equal amount of windows on each side of the entrance. To add an increased layer of symmetry to the window, the sash will do just that. For double-hung windows, grids are typically the same on each sash. If there are four square grids on one sash, the other sash will also have four square grids.

Craftsman Grid Windows

Craftsman grid windows are similar to colonial grid windows, but the grids are only located on the top sash. The bottom sash will be completely clear of any grids, providing unobstructed views. A lot of the window grids you’ll see in homes are similar to each other, but there are certain grid designs that will also be specific to the window in the home. Sometimes you’ll see elongated grids on the top sash of the window, while other times you might see a row of smaller squares in the window.

Prairie Grid Windows

The prairie type of window grids is much different in comparison to the rectangular ones. They appear to have the same symmetry of colonial and craftsman window grids, but the grids overlap and also stretch to the edges of the glass so that the view through the window isn’t obstructed.

The prairie-style window grids are commonly used in casement windows. There are no sashes, and that means you’ll be getting a lot more natural light throughout your home. Sometimes you’ll see prairie grid patterns on sliding windows, and each sash will have a grid pattern on them.

Victorian Grid Windows

Victorian windows have long been known for their unique attention to detail. These types of windows have a large focus on asymmetry, and you’ll commonly see the windows being tall. The tall windows are used to place a large emphasis on the high peaks of the roof structure. In these types of windows, you might see a variety of colors being used, almost comparable to stained glass. You might also notice diamond grid patterns that will make a border that surrounds the window while still providing unobstructed views through it at the same time.

Farmhouse Grid Windows

Farmhouse grid windows have a larger focus on functionality, but they don’t sacrifice uniqueness while achieving that. Sometimes you’ll see farmhouse windows being grouped together to increase the amount of natural light and increased ventilation throughout a home.

The trim on farmhouse windows is bold, and the grid patterns are basic. They usually consist of one until that separates the window sashes, and this will result in a 4×4 grid pattern.

What About Gridless Windows?

Traditional windows used grids in many different unique and creative ways. Nowadays, modern windows have gone the opposite way. When people are wanting to go with more modern looks for their home, it usually means they are trying to achieve a minimalist type of look. Windows will have sleek hardware and thin frames. You’ll rarely see grids in modern windows and homeowners will do whatever they can to prevent obstructions from getting in the way of their view of the outdoors.

A lot of modern properties have windows that stretch from the floor all the way to the ceiling. This makes an entire section of a home a window. When people consider window grills for this purpose, they are wanting to create lines that will result in a unique focal point.

Can You Remove The Grills?

Sometimes people don’t want to have to choose between either grid or no grid in their windows. For this reason, they like to go with removable grids that are attached to the room side portion of the window. Getting removable grids makes windows extremely easy to clean. If you ever find yourself getting tired of the same window grid that’s in your windows, you can easily just remove the grid and decide on something else. Removable window grids give you a lot of flexibility at no additional costs.

To Grid Or Not To Grid?

Why even bother going with permanent grids when you can decide on going with a mixture of both whenever your mood changes? You can change up your grid design whenever you want and if you decide to completely take them out, you can do that, as well. If you’re considering grids for your windows, there are a couple of things to keep in mind:


Having a lot of grid patterns in your windows can aesthetically interrupt the appeal of your windows instead of adding to them. You want everything involved in your grid pattern to be nicely in unison, and going with random shapes and patterns will skew things up to the point where it will ruin the appearance. A lot of homes like to get grid patterns on their front windows to increase curb appeal.

Type Of Window

When you’re thinking of grid patterns, you’ll have to keep the size of your windows in mind. Sometimes window grids can cause a big window to look like a bunch of smaller windows. Keep in mind that getting window grids on smaller windows can result in missing out on a good deal of natural light in your home.

If you’re not wanting to disrupt natural light getting into your home, consider skipping out on the window grids or getting a window grid pattern that only reaches around the edges of the window. This will allow more natural light into your home.


The extent to window grids doesn’t just stop at the pattern. You can also get your window grids in a number of different colors. Some people go with a different color of window grid in order to match the rest of the colors of their home. Mixing and matching colors can create a bold statement for your home while showcasing your unique taste in style.

Window grids can be an effective way of showing off some of your personal tastes in design. As long as you keep in mind all of these characteristics, you’ll be better able to decide on an option that works for you.


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