With winter just around the corner, or arriving early as it often does in many parts of Alberta, most homeowners assume the time for renovations and home improvements are either completed for the year or put on hold until the frigid temperatures and snow are gone.

However, installing new Canglow windows in the winter months is not only possible, but there are many benefits to braving the icy weather to accentuate your home with new insulated and heat-saving windows. And while waiting for the spring to conduct home renovations may seem like the obvious choice, the not-so-obvious advantages of fitting your home with state-of-the-art Canglow windows in the winter might prove to be the smarter alternative.

Is it Possible to Install Windows Properly in the Winter?


While winter window installations do present unique and challenging obstacles, the process is absolutely possible to complete in the winter. To mitigate these challenges and ensure your new windows are installed to perfection, our expert Canglow installation team will take the necessary precautions and alter their installation process accordingly.

A common misconception about window installation in the winter is the worry that the processes involved in window installation will be compromised by the low temperatures, such as sealants or insulating foam expanding or settling incorrectly.

However, Canglow window installers are trained to adapt to the conditions and utilize materials that resist the cold temperatures and maintain their structural integrity throughout the installation process.

In addition to using cold-resistant materials, our installation experts ensure a safe and comfortable installation by only working on one window at a time, as well as keeping other entranceways and windows closed to maintain the internal temperature of your home.

By employing these defences against Alberta’s menacing winter, it is possible to successfully install windows in temperatures as low as -20 degrees Celcius.


  1. Savings on Utility Costs

f there’s one thing Albertans know, it’s winter weather! Blowing snow, gusting winds, bone-shattering cold is a way of life for Albertans throughout the winter months. If you’re living in Alberta, you need energy-efficient windows capable of keeping all types of weather outside while you stay cozy inside.

The potential utility savings by purchasing the high-tech innovative heat-saving window products from Canglow  cannot be overstated. We are proud to stock all types of residential and commercial windows and Canglow products are extremely thermally efficient. That means they are able to keep your Albertan home warm in winter and cool in summer.

We use the most innovative technologies available to ensure your home is outfitted with world-class windows. Additionally, all Canglow products are made right here in Canada, by people who understand our winters and how quickly the weather can change.

In short, Canglow windows have been built to withstand the extreme winters Albertans are used to. By installing our windows, you will certainly see saving in your heating and utility bills as they are specifically designed to insulated your house from our brutal and unforgivingly cold winters.

Many of Canglow windows have additional customizable features to further increase your home insulation and utility savings.

  1. Immediate Savings on Utility Costs

So now that it’s been established that Canglow’s suite of high-quality windows is able to save you money on utility bills, why install in the winter?

If you choose to have insulated windows installed during the spring or summer months, sure, they will still be Canglow windows with great heat-saving capabilities, but those features will not be utilized against the harsh winter temperatures for months to come. By installing new windows in the winter months, you will notice the savings immediately; your home will be warmer, the furnace can run less frequently, and you get to watch the utility bills shrink as the snow piles outside.

Canglow windows will be able to save money regardless of when they are installed, but why wait for warmer weather when you need to save money and heat during the winter? A winter window installation is instant gratification with instant savings.

  1. Wait Time for an Installation is Shorter and More Flexible

If the serious savings on utility bills and the flexibility of installation service isn’t enough to convince you that installing windows in the winter months is well worth your dollar, an additional sale throughout the winter on all Canglow products surely will.

It may be cold outside, your neighbours may think the time for renovations ends when the snow hits the ground, but with these exclusive advantages, a winter window installation is more appealing than ever.

Don’t wait through the long, dark winter months for summer to arrive in order to install that new bedroom window or bay window in the living room, contact Canglow today and find out how our products can save you time and money during any month of the year.

Need Help Selecting the Right Windows for your Home?

Here at Canglow, we know how effective fresh windows and doors can be in the renovation process, and that’s why we encourage our clients to not wait for summer to begin the installation, but to consider the ways that winter renovations can benefit you and your home.

If you’d like to explore your options for windows and doors, get in touch with our reps and book a free consultation. It’s never too early, or too cold, to start planning your renovation project!



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