What Is an Awning Window?

What is an awning window? An awning window is an effective and practical solution for your home. This type of window blends perfectly with both modern and traditional architecture. Homeowners are offered with awning windows made of wood or aluminum, which allows you to diversify their design and functionality. 

How do awning windows work?  

Awning windows are hinged to the top of the frame and hinged outwards from below. They can be opened simply by turning a handle or with a special Easy-Slider Operator. Curtain-type windows are ideal for rooms that require additional ventilation and lighting. Hinged at the top, awning windows prevent the ingress of water in a natural manner, even if the window is open and there is a downpour. 

A screen is placed on the inside of the awning, so the sun’s rays will not penetrate and heat up the rooms. A chain that runs along the bottom of the window will allow it to be fully or partially opened. It also makes it easy to close the awning window. This is particularly practical if you suddenly feel a strong breeze or if it is raining. 

Where can awning windows be used?

Awnings can be installed almost anywhere that the width and height allow. They can be placed over furniture or even under the ceiling. They can be opened freely with special fixtures and fittings. This makes awning windows ideal for use in kitchens, cellars and attics. Some models can be fitted with a screen on the inside to provide protection from prying eyes. Such windows would be ideal for installation in bathrooms, toilets and bedrooms. 

Advantages of awning windows

Casement windows are most often used in large private homes. They have many advantages, most of them — practical. The list includes, but definitely is not limited to: 

Easy operation

Awnings are easy to open and close with one turn of the standard handle and with the integrated folding mechanism. Some models are equipped with a pull-out handle mechanism, making them practical and easy to use. The running gear may be on the sides or in the middle of the door leaf. 

Energy efficiency

Awning windows have excellent energy efficiency. Unlike other window types, awnings are equipped with multi-point locks on both sides. Due to this design, excellent air-tightness and additional security are ensured. 

Service life

The unique design of the canopies ensures good protection of the hardware against external environmental influences and corrosion. This makes the windows more durable. Premium models can retain their performance for several decades, depending on the technical features.

Security and privacy

Awning windows are usually equipped with a double-locking mechanism which is operated by latches on both sides of the frame where it contacts the sash. Awnings can be mounted high on the wall to provide privacy and make it difficult for thieves to enter the house. 

Security screens

A screen helps protect against prying eyes and sunlight. It is installed on top of the glass on the inside of the house. The overlay stays relatively clean over a long period of time because it is not exposed to any external contamination. When the windows need to be cleaned, the screen can be easily removed and reinstalled afterwards. 


Due to their unique roof-like construction, tinted windows, even in the open position, reliably prevent rain from entering the room. For example, sliding and casement windows do not have these features. 

Air circulation

Awning windows provide excellent ventilation in the house, particularly if a large number of panels are provided. At the same time, they can be left open even overnight without worrying about the safety of the house. Awning windows can be grouped with other types of windows or overlapped with each other. This solution will significantly improve air ventilation and oxygenation of all rooms. 

Awning windows are ideal for climates with high winds and regular rainfall. In contrast to sliding and double glazed windows, the construction of the awning allows it to be opened from below for shorter distances, while ventilation is retained and water does not enter the interior. If the awning is placed high up on the wall, the heat does not radiate from the ground during hot weather, ensuring a comfortable coolness in the house.

Sound insulation

Curtain windows are fitted with a tight seal around the entire perimeter so that they are firmly sealed to the frame when the window is closed. This prevents not only draughts, but also external noises from outside. The seals also keep out heat, so you will always be comfortable in your home. 

Design possibilities

Awning windows can be positioned at will on the wall and are not dependent on sliding, hanging or double-leaf windows. They can also be combined with one another or combined with other window types. In doing so, the sashes can be set wide or narrow – at the discretion of the homeowner. Due to these properties, awning windows with double glazing can be matched to the exterior of the house without losing their aesthetic pleasing appearance.

Main disadvantages of awning windows

Despite a lot of positive qualities, awnings also have some disadvantages. Of course, there are not many of them if you compare them with other types of windows. The most significant disadvantages include inconvenient cleaning, rapid wear and tear and a limited range of sizes. Let’s look at them in more detail. 


If the awnings are too high, you will need a ladder to clean the dirt and dust from the outside. A long stick is also used for this purpose, but this is not very convenient. 

Wear and tear

Cheap awning models have lower quality components, so they lose their performance over time. For example, they stop closing tightly or close with great difficulty. Moreover, a heavy sash exerts constant pressure on the frame, which after some time will definitely lead to its deformation and breakage. 

Size range

The size range of awning windows is rather limited. The maximum dimensions for awnings are much smaller than for other types of windows. The greatest difficulty with dimensions may arise if you want to buy an awning with triple glazing.   


Awnings are designed so that the sash of the window protrudes outwards, thereby creating a “roof” effect. In some cases this positioning of the window would be uncomfortable. This is why it is not recommended to place awning windows near barbecue areas, stairs or terraces. Installing awnings in these places can lead to injuries and bruising. 


So, what is an awning window? Awning windows are the best option for those who prioritize energy efficiency and sound and heat insulation. They will also be a good solution if you have a non-standard arrangement of the openings and the height of the walls does not allow for other types of windows. If you are not sure what to choose, you can always contact a professional, who will choose windows according to your requirements and financial possibilities.

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