Springtime Window and Door Remodelling

As the weather gets warmer, ice begins to melt, and families spend more time outdoors, you also begin to notice a few things you can change to improve the appearance of your home. With its favourable weather, spring is a great time to handle any house and yard work, including updating your home. Hiring the right professionals in Edmonton can help you get started on projects that you’ve been putting off, and find solutions that match your style and budget.

Springtime window and door remodelling is one of the best home improvement projects you can undertake to boost curb appeal as you prepare for summer, while increasing the resale value of your property. Professional door and window installation can help to prepare your home for a cooler summer with energy efficient options.

Here are some ideas to remodel your doors and windows this spring:

Install new windows

There are many different types of windows on the market, including custom-made windows, which makes it easier to find the right size, style, and choice of materials for your home. When purchasing new windows, you should select the options that maximize function, boost energy efficiency depending on your climate, aid in noise reduction, and improve the security of your house.

There are many other styles of windows to consider, including:

  • Buy awning windows. They are a pretty common springtime new window instalment because of their versatility. Awning windows are easy to open and close depending on the weather conditions. Moreover, since they open from the top, you can leave them open even when it rains without fear that your indoors will get wet.
  • Single and double-hung windows. Single-hung windows feature a simple style and mode of opening from the bottom up. They are a cost-effective option for small openings. Double-hung windows feature two operable sashes that slide up and down. They also feature a tilt-in mechanism that improves airflow in your rooms.Casement windows. These are hinged on the side to swing open like a door, which is ideal for maximizing ventilation.
  • There are many other styles of windows you can purchase, including custom designs that are completely unique to you. If none of the standard window designs are satisfactory, you can simply customize the details of your own windows to give your home a truly distinctive appearance. You can customize the choice of materials, glass, shape, design, colour, and other elements. To ensure that you make the right choice, consider asking your door and window professionals for help.

Replace your front door

Installing a new entry door is a relatively inexpensive remodelling project with an average return on investment of 101%. Your front door is the first thing that your visitors see when approaching your home, and it should be a pleasant and inviting sight. A beautiful, modern replacement door can increase curb appeal, improve your home’s energy efficiency by eliminating the heat and air conditioning lost around leaky old doors, and enhance security.

If your existing front door is energy efficient and in good condition, you may consider giving it a new look with a fresh coat of paint and new hardware.

New patio doors

If you plan on using your backyard more frequently, perhaps when hosting your friends during summer parties, then you should consider replacing your old sliding patio door with contemporary patio enclosures. They’re designed to give you extra room for an indoor/outdoor lifestyle without necessarily demolishing your home.

There are many different types of patio door materials and styles to choose from, including sliding doors, French style doors, accordion style doors, or a custom-combination to give you the desired balance between access and safety.

Accordion doors. These are considered a bold option for households that value the indoor/outdoor lifestyle. Accordion doors are a highly contemporary design that folds open into a neat pattern to create a natural transition between your indoor and outdoor space. These doors are ideal for families that entertain guests a lot. Although the design may be considered “retro”, there are modern enhancements that help to ensure that they shut tightly to keep cool air out when the party’s over.

French doors. These are designed to maximize light penetration through the door opening. Featuring open window panels and stylish detailing, these doors allow you to revitalize your entrance with minimal changes

Update existing doors and windows

If your door and window openings are sufficient, then you may consider other options to update them, such as:

  • Replacing the glass with more functional and efficient options to provide greater control of ambient air temperatures. Consider glass featuring low emissivity (low-E) coating, which is a silver oxide coating technology that makes windows more energy efficient. It keeps your home more comfortable year round by retaining heat in the house in winter and keeping heat out in the summer. Low-E coating also blocks harmful UV radiation to minimize solar damage to your furniture, flooring, and window coverings.
  • Installing interior shading systems (motorized or manual) to help control lighting and heating so your home stays warmer in winter and cooler in summer.
  • Using large doors that cover entire walls, rather than having separate doors and windows, in order to maximize glass coverage and the view of the exterior while minimizing visual separations and simplifying the overall aesthetic.
  • Installing floor-to-ceiling windows to create a sense of flair, drama, and “living with nature” with the clear, unobstructed view of the landscape.
  • Replacing old, stationary windows with new, stylish nook sliding windows that optimize function through increased ventilation.
  • Updating window and door frames with black anodized aluminium for a contemporary look that also complements other design elements.
  • Installing custom skylights in strategic places to increase natural lighting. These should be constructed using the same material as the doors and windows to ensure balance and fluidity in your home’s decor.

Consult Professionals

If you’re still unsure about the best way to update your doors and windows, you should consult professionals dealing in the design and replacement of windows and doors in Edmonton. Most experts are ready to address all your concerns and educate you on the best options according to your needs, preferences, and budget. Call Canglow Windows & Doors at 1-877-607-7648 or contact us here for a professional opinion.


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