Signs of bad window installation

Signs of bad window installation

Windows are an important feature of all homes as they provide natural light, ample ventilation, security and aesthetics and help to increase the market value of a property. Replacement windows are therefore very important. However, as the installation of windows involves significant costs, they need to be carefully monitored for signs that they have been installed incorrectly. If left unnoticed, the house can be damaged due to improper window installation.

The Windows Don’t Open or Close Properly

One of the most obvious signs of a badly fitted window is that it does not open and close as it should. If the window is stiff and you find it difficult to push it out and in, it is likely that the window was not sized correctly before installation. Also, fluctuating temperatures throughout the year can cause window frames to warp. This can make poorly fitted windows even more misshapen and difficult to open and close securely.

Water and Cold Air Are Getting Into Your Home

If windows are fitted correctly, they should be completely sealed, letting in warm air and blocking out cold air. If water is leaking in, this is another major concern because excess moisture can build up and cause black mold. If you feel a constant draft from a closed window, there may be a gap between the window and the frame. Check for gaps and ask a professional to seal them immediately.

The Windows Don’t Fill the Whole Open Space

If there is a gap between the window glass and the window frame or between the window frame and the sill, the window is not fully fitted. If the window has been replaced, it will be even more obvious that the old window is not completely filled in where it used to be. These gaps may be small, but they can lead to big problems, such as the drafts and dampness mentioned above.

The Windows Make Strange Sounds

It is quite normal for old windows to creak a little when opened due to age, but new windows should not make strange noises. If the window squeaks, creaks or rattles when moved, it is likely that the window is too wide for the space and is being forced inwards. Similarly, if you hear a rustling air noise after closing the window, the window dimensions may be too small, leaving too much space for air to enter.

The Overall Job Looks Messy

A professional contractor will know the right way to replace windows and the result should be brilliant. Dirty caulk is proof that the contractor didn’t clean it before it dried. Dirt and debris left behind is proof that the contractor was impatient and skipped the finishing touches. Large stains are a clear sign of poor window installation work, as common fillers and adhesives can damage glass when they get on it. A job well done is a job well done, so watch out for stains that could indicate a problem with the window.

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