SAVE Energy Costs by Installing Awnings Windows

Harsh climatic conditions across North America lead to high energy bills for most households. This happens as a result of trying to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures when external temperatures are extremely hot or cold. Cooling and heating devices are like air conditioners and heaters are deployed indoors which amounts to enormous energy bills and adversely affecting the environment. Also, sunlight needs to be managed well to protect interior furnishings. Choosing energy-efficient fenestration can go a long way in the reduction of energy bills with significant savings on that account. Especially when it comes to windows, selecting and investing in energy-efficient options will help not only in comfortable interiors but also protect your interiors from discolouring and other damage.

You can either install new energy-efficient windows or upgrade the existing ones if you are on a tight budget. Whenever you consider putting up such windows, remember that window installation is vital and that it needs to be done with professional expertise to prevent every kind of air or water passage. Even the slightest gap will render the windows inefficient. To ensure this, you can also check with suppliers or manufacturers about the technology and techniques they are using that shall help their products lower energy costs.

Factors influencing choice of windows

  • An important factor that influences the choice of windows is the design of your home and the directions it is facing. Window treatments differ depending on whether they are facing North, South, East or West as this determines the intensity of sunlight. The angle of the sun, length and duration of direct exposure is way higher on the eastern and western sides of a home.
  • Create shades and overhangs for windows in summer months for maximum effect. In addition to installing energy-efficient windows, creating shades around those that face maximum sunlight will help restrict heat and control indoor temperature.
  • Avoiding heat buildup in the summer months is also crucial. Good window planning is essential to maximize their energy efficiency as solar heat gain can be largely controlled in summer months while the same control in winter shall add to the internal warmth.

For the kind of windows, you can choose from:

  • Awnings
  • Casement windows
  • Fixed Casement
  • Bay and Bow
  • End vent slider
  • Custom vinyl , etc.

After you have decided upon the type of window you would like to install, you can check out some features of glasses that add to insulation and energy efficiency.

Triple or Double glazed

These are two or three glass panes fitted into one single frame with gaps in between trapping air in between them. Heat radiation is significantly less in winters while in summers the heat is limited to exteriors helping to maintain comfortable internal temperatures.

Low E-Glass

These glasses have a reflective surface like in a thermos that keeps out the cold as well as the heat. The glass sheets are coated with a reflective transparent coating that reduces emission considerably. In summer months, the external heat is constrained by this coating preventing to radiate indoors while in winter the warmth indoors stays within by avoiding heat loss.

State of the art technologies used in processes like ‘Caulking’ or ‘Weatherstripping’ while assembling windows also play an important role adding up to the energy efficiency of windows. These procedures take care of even minor cracks or gaps especially in case of old windows.

Canglow Windows and Doors Inc., a reputed windows and doors manufacturer uses the patented Super Saver Window Technology for all its windows. This is a special deal seal insulation system aimed to keep the edges of windows completely sealed and safe from heat or cold loss reducing condensation and humidity within the home. The use of this technology also ensures durability of panes and frames of the windows.


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