Making your home brighter and more comfortable.

Almost every homeowner at least once thought about making their home brighter and more comfortable. Everyone wants to turn their home into a warm, cozy place where they and their families will spend time. To achieve this sometimes it seems very difficult, but it is doable. With a lack of natural light, your home will seem small and unattractive. Canglow, a supplier of quality windows and doors in Alberta, has prepared top 5 tips for you to brighten up your space and make any room brighter.

Changing decor.

There is no need to spend all your savings to completely change the look of the room (although you can do that if you want to). It’s enough just to update the paint and add a few decorative elements to make the room shine in a whole new way. Want to make a room brighter? A light color palette will help you cope with this task. For example, a combination of light gray walls, white trim and white furniture covers will transform a dark room and make it more cozy. Add a couple of bright colors: a bright yellow pillow, some houseplants and the space of your room will liven up and expand. If you paint the ceiling bright white, it will give the illusion that the room has become higher and brighter. Even in science class, we learned that some colors reflect light more than others. In addition, you can use mirrors and other reflective surfaces, because they, especially when combined with a light source (natural or artificial), create the illusion of additional space and make your room feel cozier and lighter.


Cleaning a room, especially regularly and thoroughly, can make a big difference.
The accumulation of dust and dirt, even in subtle places, makes a room look dull and gloomy. We recommend wiping down window sills, baseboards and other hard surfaces regularly. It is equally important to keep windows clean because dirt on the glass prevents natural light from entering the room.

Swap light sources around.

The type of lighting in your room creates the atmosphere in it, so it’s important to consider the locations and type of light sources in the room to give it the right atmosphere In recent years, many are switching to more energy-efficient LED lamps. These bulbs are brighter, more powerful, and have .higher correlated color temperature (CCT) values. To make your room brighter, choose lamps with more lumens and a cool-white CCT spectrum color.

Replace old windows and doors.

Today’s advances in window and door fabrication allow for more glass and fewer frames. Canglow offers many different options to achieve your desired style and level of window and door privacy.

So, for example, replacing a solid front door with a door with glass inserts will add light to the room and make it more comfortable. To enjoy natural light without compromising your own privacy, our company offers frosted or tinted glass. If you have room in your budget to fully expand and replace your windows, installing bay windows, bow windows or picture windows will allow you to decorate the room with natural light in the most spectacular way. It is important to find a reliable company that will implement your project with quality and without unnecessary damage to your budget. Our company has a team of professionals with years of experience who will help you ensure correct and efficient execution of works, decorating your home with high quality and not expensive doors or windows.

Keep windows clear of obstructions

Whether you replace old windows and doors with new ones or not, you need to make sure that as much light as possible can enter the house. If you have trees or shrubs growing in front of your windows, we recommend pruning the branches regularly. Regular maintenance will also keep branches from getting damaged in the event of inclement weather.

It is equally important to clean up the clutter around the windows inside the house. Furniture or decorative items placed in front of windows prevent natural light sources from entering. You can maximize the amount of natural light in a room by simply moving items a couple of feet away from windows or doors.


Maximizing the use of natural light sources in your home, as well as adjusting indoor lighting, will create a more vibrant and inviting space that you can enjoy. With just a little time and effort (and maybe a little money, if you’re willing to spend it), you can make any dark room lighter.


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