Making the Most of Your Home with Entry Door Installation

When you look at a home, chances are that one of the first features to catch your eye is the entry door. While this aesthetic can certainly help to make a warm and welcoming impression for guests, a high-quality door comes with a wealth of other benefits. With the right entry door installation, you can save money and avoid preventable problems years down the road. Even if you don’t view your current place as your “forever home” and you plan to sell, a good investment in entry door installation will increase your home’s value.

The Perfect Match

The ideal entry door will ideally check off a few key items on any homeowner’s wish list:

  • Durability
  • Safety
  • Energy-efficiency
  • Style

Out with the Old

As a lot of older doors are made up of less durable materials such as lower quality wood or wood veneer, issues related to wear and tear inevitably may come into play. Particularly Canada’s inclement winter weather conditions, doors can take some pretty hard hits through years of exposure to the outside elements. Wood doors are more susceptible to cracking or warping in shape and the surface of some older metal doors may begin to peel. Sure, every door looks aesthetically appealing, but appearances can prove to be deceiving when you find your once stunning doorway withering away just a few years down the road. Entry door installation performed by a trusted business will ensure that your next door is better suited to stand the test of time.

Home Safe and Sound

It goes without saying that you should be able to go to bed feeling safe in your home. If your current door shows signs of becoming unhinged (so to speak), entry door installation may need to be an immediate consideration. As much as you want to welcome in friends and neighbours with a good entryway, you also don’t want to welcome in home intruders by sporting an old or deteriorating door that can be more easily tampered with.

Safety doesn’t just apply to home security. Chilly drafts coming through poorly insulated doors can make your living situation a little too cold for comfort and even compromise your health, in some cases. Moreover, too much sunlight can be a bad thing if you have a glass door without a protective coating to shield you from all those harmful UV rays you’re always warned about. Just as the doctor orders a healthy layer of SPF when spending time outdoors, the glass on your entryway door should act as a protective layer against harmful UV rays from entering your home.

Keeping Down Costs

After paying the initial cost for an entry door, it may be easy to assume the payment is over. However, low quality or old doors tend to come with a higher, long term price tag in terms of energy efficiency. For instance, a door that lets in the cold–weather through poor insulation, bad sealing, or a combination of both can leave you shivering and reluctantly compensating by turning up the thermostat and spending more on heating. If your current door has poor seals, you’ll find a new entry door beneficial in the summer, when the air conditioning is cranked up high to beat the heat. Insufficient sealing allows cool air to leak off into the great outdoors, letting your money escape along with it. With the right entry door installation, your wallet can benefit from modern materials that tightly seal against drafts, keep in the cool, and better insulate your home.

Making an Entrance with Style

Practical elements aside, style is likely a large factor in your decision when it comes to entry door installation. What may be a great, classy addition to one house can look completely out of place on another. To tailor installation to your home’s unique needs, you’ll want to go with a business that offers multiple styles to choose from, without compromise on quality. There are a variety of styles to choose from, such as:

Doorlites hold a distinct artistic appeal. Made up of sturdy glass and metals, doorlites can be textured or bevelled with intricate designs, adding plenty of eye-catching elements.

Internal venting options are great if you want an efficient, multi-functioning option. Due to the inclusion of half or one piece screens, internal venting installation can be a good workaround solution if you don’t want a storm door as a buffer in front of your beautiful main entry.

Internal grids can be ideal if you’d like a door that features glass in a style that is more simplistic than those found in doorlites. Our internal grid doors feature Cardinal glass, which surpasses other forms of glass in providing insulation and protection from UV rays.

Internal blinds on sealed glass doors come with the big benefit of energy efficiency mentioned earlier. Our internal blind slats can be simply adjusted without all the hassle and tangle associated with traditional pull cords.

One lites have multiple benefits. Like internal grids, the use of Cardinal glass ensures optimal insulation. Better yet, one lites reflection of light functions throughout the year to help regulate your front room’s temperature while also blocking UV rays.

Custom doors edmonton can be a great alternative if you have unique entry door needs or have a different direction you’d like to take your home’s look. We offer customizable doors in solid hardwood, MDF, and fibreglass. Our in-home consultation service with a door specialist will help you make an informed decision.

Getting Started

If you’re interested in entry door installation or want to learn more about your options, you may be wondering what steps to take to start saving and making the most your home.

At Canglow Windows and Doors Inc., our focus is on providing high-quality entry door installations that take into account you and your home’s unique needs and style.

To make an inquiry or get a free estimate, call Canglow Windows and Doors Inc. at 587-408-8049 to speak with a door specialist or contact us here.

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