How quality vinyl windows are manufactured

Our Canglow window installation company has been in the Canadian market for a long time, selling and installing high quality double and triple glazing and doors. Our main advantage is our affordable product prices, professional installation of glass and door designs, ideal for Canada’s harsh climate.

We use only the best and most modern materials and technologies in our work. This allows us to offer our customers reliable and durable products that will delight them for decades. All products sold strictly meet and even exceed the strict Canadian standards.

Choosing vinyl windows in the context of the Canadian climate

Canada is known for its harsh winters with heavy snowfall and severe frost. Winter temperatures in some regions can drop to -40 degrees Celsius and below. In summer, there are also sharp temperature changes from hot to cold.

With such extreme weather conditions, it is important to have quality windows that will keep your home safe and secure:

  • from the cold,
  • moisture,
  • drafts.

This affects not only comfort, but also the safety of the residence and the reduction of heating costs in winter.

Conventional wooden frames do not always cope with the Canadian climate – they are prone to warping, rotting and freezing. Vinyl windows, on the other hand, are much better suited to these conditions.

Therefore, it is very important to favor vinyl designs from trusted companies when choosing your Canadian home windows.

Features of vinyl glazing

Vinyl windows are constructions where vinyl is used instead of wood for frames. It is a plastic based on polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

Compared to wooden frames, vinyl frames are more resistant to moisture, rot and corrosion. They can withstand temperature fluctuations and do not deform over time. Vinyl frames are easy to clean and do not require frequent maintenance.

These qualities make vinyl construction particularly popular in Canada with its sharply continental climate. According to various estimates, 65-85% of all windows installed in the country today are vinyl windows. They are recognized as the most optimal solution for Canadian homes and apartments.

Vinyl frames manufactured in compliance with all quality standards will last at least 50 years. They recoup their cost by saving on heating costs and do not require frequent repairs, unlike wooden systems.

Features of frames and fittings

The quality of vinyl windows is directly related to the materials from which they are made. The vinyl of our frames strictly meets the highest industry standards. It is an environmentally friendly material free of lead and other harmful additives. Our vinyl has a superior:

  • weatherproof,
  • frost resistance,
  • lightfastness,
  • biostability,
  • durability.

The frames are fitted with high quality glass from renowned manufacturers, which is characterized by increased strength and light transmission. The offered double-glazed windows contain inert argon gas, which improves thermal insulation.

The fittings are made of corrosion-resistant materials. All parts of the fittings can withstand extreme temperatures and have high wear resistance. When wet, metal elements do not rust and do not lose their original appearance.

Production process

The production of double and triple glazing is a multi-component process, each step of which is carefully monitored to ensure compliance with Canadian standards. Everything starts with design and construction in full compliance with approved drawings.

Then vinyl profiles of a given shape and size are cut using a special technology from blanks of high-quality raw materials. Then the profiles are joined together using high-strength glue, ensuring the tightness and strength of the entire structure. Other components are mounted into the resulting frame:

  • double-glazed windows,
  • seals,
  • fittings, etc.

After that, the finished window undergoes multi-stage tests for tightness, moisture resistance, wind and noise insulation in a climatic chamber. At the end, the double-glazed windows are finished, packaged and sent to the site for installation. Each stage of assembly is monitored by our experienced specialists to ensure compliance with strict industry regulations.

Quality control and certification

In the manufacturing process, the utmost attention is paid to quality control at all stages of production. A multi-level inspection system is in place.

Input control of raw materials is carried out for compliance with suppliers’ quality certificates. Also, the main characteristics are additionally tested in laboratories:

  • vinyl;
  • hardware;
  • glass for hidden defects.

In the process of window assembly, each operation is performed under the supervision of a master technologist. The finished double and triple panes undergo multi-stage functional tests in specialized climatic chambers.

The products we offer are certified to meet Canadian national window standards and specifications. Therefore, our window installation company provides a quality guarantee for each glazing unit.

Why the right professional window installation is important

Even the highest quality glass will not be able to fully realize its performance characteristics without proper professional installation. Our experienced installers perform this responsible work strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and building regulations. The constructions are mounted smoothly in the openings, securely fastened and sealed with special mounting foams and silicone sealants around the entire perimeter.

Thanks to quality installation of windows, maximum sound and heat insulation, moisture and air tightness of structures is achieved, their reliable operation for many years is ensured, as well as safety and comfort in your home.

Tips for the care and maintenance of vinyl windows in Canadian conditions

  1. Wash the frames regularly with warm water and mild detergent, do not use abrasive cleaners. This will keep the windows looking good and prevent the accumulation of dirt.
  2. Periodically lubricate all moving parts of the hardware with special aerosol lubricants. This will make it easier to open and close the sashes.
  3. Clean the grooves in the frames from leaves and debris to ensure that the sashes are tight and prevent windows from freezing.
  4. Monitor the integrity of the gaskets. Replace them with new ones if they lose their elasticity and fail to seal properly.
  5. In case of prolonged frosts avoid sharp temperature changes in the room, it is necessary to ventilate gradually with minimal opening of the window.
  6. Once a year, check the reliability of fastening of window structures. If necessary, tighten bolts or replace fastening parts.

Following these simple guidelines will allow you to enjoy the comfort of your home and extend the life of your vinyl windows for years to come!

Cost of windows

Our Edmonton based company installs quality double and triple glazing in Vermilion – Mannville, Borradaile. We also replace doors in apartments and houses.

We offer a nice discount of up to 25% on all window models. And the total savings on window replacement can be up to $5600! That is, the price of window replacement will cost you less than other companies.

Types of windows

We offer double-glazed windows in a variety of configurations. You can order glass in our window installation company:

  • casement,
  • bay windows,
  • awnings,
  • many others.

To find out the cost of window replacement, the price of door installation – contact our manager. A specialist will help you to choose the appropriate designs, calculate the approximate cost, fix the request, send a master measuring technician to your address.

Frequent questions about vinyl windows

1. Will vinyl windows withstand severe frost?

Yes, quality vinyl frames are rated down to -50 degrees Celsius and function perfectly even in the harshest of frosts.

2. Will the vinyl not burst from sudden temperature changes?

When properly manufactured, modern vinyl profiles can withstand the difference from +60 to -60 degrees Celsius without any damage.

3. How do vinyl windows compared to wood windows affect the thermal performance of a home?

Thanks to excellent thermal insulation, vinyl structures reduce heat loss by 30-40% compared to conventional wooden frames. This saves heating costs.

4. How often should vinyl windows be replaced?

If the rules of operation are followed, the service life of vinyl structures is more than 40-50 years. During this time they do not need to be replaced.


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