How Long Does It Take To Install Windows?

If you’ve finally made the decision to do a full window replacement in your home, you’re probably wondering, “how long does it take to install windows?”

Many window companies have different methods and procedures for how they approach a full window installation. There are a few things that you should know what to expect when you’re getting ready to have your windows replaced.

Finding What Windows You Want And Submitting The Order

The first leg of the journey to getting new windows involves you finding out what type of windows you want for your home. You’ll have to figure out what design you want, the type of materials, and decide on a contractor. If you’ve found a contractor already, then they can assist you in this process with any questions you may have. The contractor will also figure out all of the measurements required for the new windows. Some of the new windows might potentially need to be customized to fit properly, so keep that in mind. A good window company will ensure that every window will fit just how it should.

If you’re lucky enough that all of the windows in the home are only standard sizing, then you could probably see the window installation process starting in about 1-2 months. If any of the windows require custom sizing, then add another two weeks on for that. If you’re getting impatient, you can always just contact your contractor to get an update on how things are going. Either way, it’s good to know roughly when the windows will be ready so you can plan accordingly.

Getting Rid Of The Old Windows

Once the windows are ready to be installed, the next step is to get the older ones out of the home. If there are no issues in removing them from the sills, then the new windows can be installed pretty fast. Depending on the size of the window, it takes around half an hour to get the new one in place. If you have a massive quantity of windows needing to be installed, the job will obviously take longer, but an average estimate for a complete window installation is anywhere between one and two days. The professional window contractors do window installations every day, so you might see them do the job faster than you initially anticipated.

If you have several old windows throughout your home, the job could take longer. When you remove older windows from an old home, structural issues might come to light that the contractor wasn’t aware of. More time will need to be spent on something like that if it does occur. If every single window has the same type of structural issue, then you might have to add another day or two for installation. When you’re constantly wondering, “how long does it take to replace windows”, it’s good to exercise some patience.

Window Adjustments Might Be Necessary

If any structural issues are found after the old windows have been removed, there might potentially need to be more customizations done to the new windows. If a corner is a tiny bit off and not fitting how it should, it’ll need to be adjusted accordingly. Windows will fit the majority of the time, so you usually won’t have to worry about something like this.

Professionals usually know what to expect when dealing with older homes, so you can rest assured knowing that you’ll get a nicely sealed fit.

If customization can be done right at the site of the job, then that usually means it’s just a minor tweak that needs to be made. This is even more often the case if your windows are vinyl instead of metal ones. Even though customization does tend to slow things down, the entire window replacement job will be done in a couple of days, at most.

Trying Out The New Windows

When your home undergoes a full window replacement, a professional window contractor won’t consider the job to be finalized until they subject the windows to a couple of different tests. They’ll typically want to ensure that the windows are functioning just how they should and remaining securely installed.

The contractor will usually open up and close your windows to make sure they are sliding nice and fluidly without any sticking. The locks will be analyzed to ensure they are doing their job. The contractor might even take a closer look at the glazing on the panes to make sure it’s nice and smooth.

The framing around the windows might also be looked at to see if there are any gaps anywhere between the sashes. You might see them looking around the perimeter of the window to ensure there are no cracks anywhere. After the contractor has done a final inspection on the windows, then you can consider the job complete.

The Benefit Of New Window Replacement

After the window replacement has been complete, you’ll instantly notice a number of things and might start to notice even more things as time goes on.

The very first thing you’ll notice is how they increase the overall look and appeal of your home. The entire outside of your house will appear better than it was before. You might be receiving more and more comments from neighbors or from people who come over.

A new window replacement will also feel better from the interior of your home. You’ll feel those brand new and crystal clear windows making a difference from your old, foggy, and worn-out ones in no time.

Also, keep in mind that new windows will lower the monthly energy bill you’re having to pay. Old windows can get drafty and cold in the winter months, but new windows will keep the cold air out and warm air inside, which leads to a lower energy bill. This happens in summer, too. Windows will keep the cool air inside and the warm air outside in the hot months of the year.

A reliable window company will ensure that you’re completely satisfied with the installation. With new windows, your furnace won’t have to work as hard to maintain the desired temperature. New windows just give you an overall better sense of comfort wherever you’re living.

Even though the whole window installation process can take some time, you’ll be glad you were patient and got the job done. The best window companies care about doing a good job and having your home function how it should be for the foreseeable future.

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