Home Depot Windows/Lowe’s Windows Or A Window Company?

When people are ready to get replacement windows installed in their house, some of the more common places such as Home Depot or Lowe’s might pop up in their searches. For those that enjoy supporting local, smaller companies, they might also keep that in mind when replacing aging windows.

It might be a tough choice choosing between Lowe’s vs Home Depot vs a window company. Home Depot windows have developed a reputation, and not just for windows. They are a massive retailer for house materials. Lowe’s windows have also been around for ages, so it’s hard not to take a look at what these retail giants have to offer.

What Can Big Retailers Offer?

One of the most significant advantages of a big-box retailer such as Home Depot or Lowe’s is that they can negotiate lower prices on new residential windows. This is because they purchase material in large quantities, so they can offer customers coming in for new windows at a lower price than some of the smaller window companies. The big-box retailers will typically take a chunk of the money saved from the manufacturer and then split the difference with the customer.

New windows coming from a big-box retailer will usually be less in the case that the windows will just be a standard size. For those that are looking for standard-sized new windows on a tight budget, then going to your local Home Depot or Lowe’s is a good approach.

Another nice thing about the big retailers is that their flat-rate pricing can come with installation included. A customer can simply walk into a Home Depot, choose what type of windows they want, decide on how many windows they want, and then get the company to install it at a specified date and time. This is an easy and fast solution that can be decided on within the same day.

With energy efficiency on new windows being such a prominent feature in the world today, the big box retailers will advertise the energy ratings in big displays on all of their windows. All you have to know is what the various energy ratings mean for your next purchase.

What About Window Styles?

Big box window retailers usually carry a wide range of windows in many different sizes and shapes. Popular styles such as single/double hung windows and sliding windows will be a guaranteed find at Home Depot or Lowe’s. It also depends on what part of the country that you live in. For those that are just seeking a basic square or rectangle window, then the chances of finding one for a reasonable price is pretty high.

Another nice thing about the windows at the big box retailers is the warranty that they come with. Windows that are bought from Lowe’s or Home Depot will come with a manufacturer’s warranty, but might not come with a warranty that extends beyond 30 days of the installation. If you happen to notice a defect in the window that was as a result of the manufacturer, then you’ll have to contact them about it.

Local Window Companies

It’s a good idea to weigh the various options before just going to a big-box retailer and selecting and purchasing your windows right then and there. A smaller and local window company also has advantages as well.

If you decide to check out a local windows company, you’ll notice a couple of differences right away. The first one that you’ll notice is that they will usually want to get a contractor out to your house to take a look at your old windows.

There are a few reasons for a windows company wanting to get a contractor out to your place. The first one is that they want to see if your windows are all standard sizes. They want to see how many adjustments and alterations they will have to do so that the windows will fit just right.

The contractor might ask a couple of questions regarding your current windows. They might ask what you like about them, what you don’t like about them, and what you might have changed in replacement windows. These questions help them better understand what they can do to better your experience if you decide to purchase through them.

The contractor might also go over what kind of materials are available for windows. Sometimes a local window company will offer windows that are made of aluminum, vinyl, or wood. They will inform you that you don’t have to use the same material that you have on your old windows. Having this knowledge can open up a few options for your future windows. Deciding on entirely new material for the windows can positively change the overall look and feel of the home after they are installed. The contractor will go over the advantages and disadvantages of each product and material discussed.

Another thing that the contractor might discuss is the various energy ratings on windows. Most people that have never had to replace windows before haven’t a clue about energy ratings. The contractor might explain how much you’ll save by purchasing windows with a higher energy rating, in addition to certain tax breaks associated with them.

The contractor will also go over the various different styles of windows that you can choose from or have customized for your home. Local window replacement companies will usually have more customizability than a big box retailer. If you’re thinking of a unique shape and design of your windows, then knowing that is good news.

If your current windows are the old-styled roll-out windows and you’re wanting to change things up a bit and have some new awning windows installed, letting the contractor know these things is important in ensuring your experience will be more positive. If you want to let a little more light in your home, then you might even mention to them that you want a new bay window installed in the living room.

If you choose to go with a local window company, it’s good to know that you’ll still be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. In addition, the company might also guarantee the installation of the windows, and that might even cover many months. Similar to the big box retailers, if you happen to notice any defects down the road, the local company will likely want to help you out with that.

The personalized feel in dealing with a local window company is one that you might not necessarily get when looking at Home Depot windows. Your experience will feel a little more customized, and many customers in the market for replacement windows value that.

Costs Associated With Local Window Companies

One of the main things that customers have to consider is their budget for replacement windows. If you want to buy the windows right now with no questions asked, then a quick experience can be found with a big-box retailer and a local window company.

If budget is a huge concern and you don’t have any room to stretch your windows budget, then you’ll find that a local windows company will be a little higher than a big box retailer. The price won’t be astronomically higher for each window, but if you require many that need to be customized, things can add up quickly and may not fit into your budget.

Another important thing to consider is the overall costs associated with the labor in getting the windows installed. A local window company might have higher labor costs than Home Depot or Lowe’s. But with that added cost, you’ll most likely also get a better experience because the local window company will have window installers as their primary profession. With Home Depot installers, they will most likely be people that cover many different projects.

Final Decision

As a customer, the final decision always rests with you. It’s advised to check with both the big box retailers and the local windows companies before making your final decision. You want to make the most out of your hard-earned money, so doing your research is highly recommended. Take a look online as well at the reviews and ratings on windows that you have in mind. It helps to get other opinions before diving in and selecting windows. It’ll give you a better idea of what windows will work for you.

The investment in new windows is an exciting one that can make your house look and feel better. It can also keep your home feeling warmer throughout the colder months of the year, and cooler throughout the summer months. New windows will be with you for decades to come, so take your time in making the most informed decision you can.


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