Everything You Need To Know About Draft Proofing Windows

Canadian winters are really tough. One second it looks like it might be clearing up, and the next we have snow falling faster than rain in the spring. Considering our winters get very cold, it’s very common for homeowners to simply crank up the heat. Sure, this may work, but if you don’t take draft proofing windows into account, you’re going to lose a lot of money. If you have windows that aren’t properly sealed, it becomes very difficult for your furnace to keep up. It’s almost comparable to blowing up a balloon that’s already been punctured. It takes a lot of energy, and considering energy is expensive nowadays, it takes a lot of money too. By draft proofing your windows, you’re going to save a lot of money, have a warmer home, and your furnace will actually last a lot longer. It’s super common for furnaces to expire long before their expiry date because of faulty windows, and in some cases doors. In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know about draft proofing windows.

Windows are a very big part of your home. They let light in, provide a glance outside, and so much more. But what most people don’t know is they’re the biggest source of unwanted drafts. As we mentioned, this is very bad for your home. But how does this happen, and why? Well, one of the biggest causal factors is incorrect installation. This means a company either was careless when installing it and rushed or used the wrong parts and/or just didn’t know what they were doing. Windows can be complex, so even companies with a good reputation have been known to screw up. The second reason as to why these windows let in drafts is warping. As the ground freezes and unfreezes, some houses will actually shift slightly. This may lead to drafts getting in as new openings are created and old sealant is destroyed.

So we’ve mentioned that door frames and window frames may warp over time, and that’s very true for wooden frames. To fix this or prevent it, we recommend you try a different material. You can actually change the windows themselves (and the doors too) to something a little more flex proof. uPVC is a good option, and so are various composite models. Definitely visit your local home improvement store to get more information on door materials.

One of the most important things to remember is your fireplace. Your fireplace is designed to let the smoke out, and in most fireplaces, there’s nothing stopping air from actually getting in before and after use. We recommend buying a fly, or another similar item. These mechanisms are designed to stop air from entering your home. They may also stop bugs, vermin, and a whole bunch of other stuff you don’t want to get in.

So now that we have covered all the airflow examples, it’s important to talk about other things that will help keep your house warm and extend the life of your furnace. The first is of course your floors. Your floorboards sit on various pieces of wood, which are connected to a frame. Usually, floors have insulation in them to keep the heat in. However, if your insulation is old and falling apart, you may need to replace it. Old and ineffective insulation is one of the biggest causes of temperature struggles in the home. Another way to keep your furnace alive is to check out your drywall, and the insulation behind them. Similarly to your floor, the insulation in your walls is designed to keep the temperature steady. However, if that insulation isn’t doing its job correctly, it doesn’t matter how much you draft proof your windows. Be sure to get your walls checked regularly.

For more information on draft proofing windows and everything else that may keep your house warm and toasty, be sure to visit your local home hardware store. Feel free to also contact us for further questions, inquiries, or concerns.

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