Energy Efficient Windows: Why it’s so Important in Alberta

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At Canglow, we believe that windows are an important part of a building. They let in natural light, help maintain aesthetics and provide ventilation if needed. However, by sticking with traditional windows, you could be missing out on the many benefits of energy efficient windows and actually hurting your home (and your wallet!). In this blog, we discuss the importance and benefits of energy efficient windows.

What’s So Great About Energy Efficiency?

Energy-efficient windows are specially designed with low-emissivity (or Low-E) materials. They are designed to minimize heat transfer and reduce the amount of heat escaping through the window. These energy efficient windows are usually double or triple glazed, which further prevents this heat transfer. As a result, energy-efficient windows reduce electricity bills. When heat escapes (through traditional windows), the home’s heating system has to work even harder to maintain a comfortable temperature. In addition, traditional windows can cause cold spots and drafts, leading to uneven temperatures and reduced comfort, which can damage furniture and upholstery.

Benefits of Energy-Efficient Windows:

  • Reduced carbon footprint: Energy-efficient windows reduce greenhouse gas emissions by reducing the amount of energy needed for heating and cooling. This reduction is due to the fact that less energy from carbon-based energy sources is needed when heating and cooling systems are off.
  • Increased home value: Energy-efficient windows can increase the value of your home and property. If the beauty of new, shiny windows is not enough, potential home buyers are increasingly interested in energy efficient features. Plus, the aforementioned lower energy bills are also an attractive selling point for potential buyers.
  • Noise reduction: Energy-efficient window technology that minimizes heat transfer also reduces the amount of noise entering the home. Traffic noise, trains and loud music keep people awake at night. By choosing energy-efficient windows, you can reduce the amount of such noise entering your home and keep your home quieter.
  • Increased security: Energy-efficient windows are inherently more resistant to breakage. As a result, they can prevent home invasions.
  • New Windows, New Look:  Replacing old windows can improve the look of your home. When replacing your windows, you can choose a style and material that suits your aesthetic. From contemporary to traditional, there are many options to choose from!

There are many benefits to replacing old windows with new energy efficient ones. From practical benefits such as reduced carbon dioxide emissions and lower utility bills, to aesthetic benefits such as noise reduction and increased style, replacing windows with energy efficient ones is not difficult at all!

Canglow: Reputable and Trusted

When replacing windows, it is important to use a reputable and reliable company Canglow has been in business for nearly 20 years and takes great pride in being able to offer its customers the quality, value and benefits of industry-leading energy efficient products Canglow is a woman-owned company and has won numerous awards.

In addition, many Canglow employees use many of these products in their own homes. This is a testament not only to the quality of the energy-efficient products we offer, but also to the quality of our work. For more information about our window upgrades or if you would like to start your window upgrade journey, please contact us here!



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