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Current trends in window design for Canadian homes

As Canada’s architectural landscape continues to evolve these days, the design and functionality of windows in homes and apartments is emphasized. Our company, Canglow, is a market leader in Alberta, offering modern double and triple pane windows for your homes at interesting prices. Our central location is located in Edmonton. By calling here, you will be able to book your window installation in Grand Prairie.

Window design trends

In recent years, we have seen an increased interest in large panoramic windows that not only visually expand the space, but also maximize the penetration of natural light into the living space. Minimalist frames and hidden mechanisms have become the standard for modern Canadian homes.

Also among the trends:

Frameless glazing.

This trend has become popular because of its ability to improve natural light, open up gorgeous panoramas, and the observation of which is not obstructed by frames. Frameless glazing provides a minimalistic and modern look, creating the illusion of a more spacious and open space.

Increased security requirements.

The new models that our window installation company offers are made of tempered or triplex glass, which is not only impact resistant, but also breaks down into small, non-sharp pieces when shattered. This greatly increases safety, especially in homes with children or in areas with high natural activity.

Multi-purpose double-glazed windows.

Developments in multi-functional triple glazing allow the glass to perform several functions at the same time. For example, it can have a mirror effect, providing privacy and a unique appearance. These panes can also be energy efficient, regulating heat conduction and light transmission into the home.

Installation of mosquito nets.

To protect against insects without compromising ventilation and visibility, mosquito nets have become a popular addition to windows. They can be easily integrated into the window design and look good in the overall appearance of the facade.

The use of smart glazing. This is one of the most innovative trends in the industry. Smartglasses change their properties under the influence of:

  • electricity,
  • heat,
  • light.

Installing windows with smart glasses is an opportunity to adjust the transparency of the double-glazed windows and their thermal insulation characteristics. Such properties not only increase comfort and safety, but also contribute to energy savings.

New trends demonstrate how innovations in window technology can meet both the practical and aesthetic needs of today’s homeowners.

Pricing and discounts on double-glazed windows

The pricing of double-glazed windows at our company, Canglow, is based on a thorough understanding of our customers’ needs and expectations. We strive to make the cost of windows affordable to a wide range of customers, while not compromising on quality and innovation. Realizing that window installation is a strategic investment, we offer a variety of pricing options and discounts to meet each customer’s budget and needs.

Pricing takes into account not only the cost of materials and manufacturing, but also many other factors, including:

  • innovative technologies;
  • energy efficiency;
  • product durability.

Our triple pane windows provide significant energy savings through improved insulation and reduced heat loss, which significantly reduces indoor heating and air conditioning costs.

In our window installation company you can get individual consultations. Experienced managers will help you choose those double glazing models that best suit your specific needs and operating conditions. Selecting the right double glazing includes choosing the right materials, styles and product specifications, taking into account:

  • climatic conditions;
  • architectural style of the building;
  • personal preferences of the customer.

Our customers not only receive high quality windows, but also significant long term benefits, both in terms of energy savings and increased value of their property.

Types of double-glazed windows

At Canglow, we offer a wide range of double glazed units, each with a distinctive design and functionality.


These classic windows open outward, offering superior ventilation and easy access for cleaning. Their sturdy construction ensures durability and resistance to extreme weather conditions.

Double sliding

The model allows both sashes to move horizontally, maximizing space and providing flexibility in use. A great choice for modern homes where space saving is important.


Ideal for ventilation in all weathers as they open from the bottom and can remain open even when it rains. They also provide additional security as they do not open fully.

Double hung

Consisting of two sashes that can move vertically, offering unique ventilation flexibility. They are suitable for traditional and historic houses, maintaining the classic look of the buildings.

Single hanging

Similar to double hung, but with one movable leaf. The models offer simplicity and elegance as well as ease of use and maintenance.

Bay and arch windows

Modifications add architectural interest and grace to any home. Bay windows expand space and increase natural light, while arched models add elegance, emphasizing the unusual style of home design.

Each model in our range is designed with both aesthetic appeal and practical functionality in mind.

Why it is necessary to replace double-glazed windows in time

Replacing old double-glazed windows with new ones is a critical step for any homeowner for a multitude of reasons. New glass greatly improves the energy efficiency of a home. Older ones are often a major source of heat loss, resulting in higher heating and cooling costs. Modern glass windows provide better insulation, reducing energy consumption and helping to lower utility bills.

In addition, new windows improve sound insulation, which is especially important in noisy urban areas or near busy roads. Installing windows, but more modern and practical, means increased security. Modern materials and production technologies make double glazing more resistant to burglary and damage, which is important for the safety of the occupants.

The aesthetic aspect also plays a significant role. New triple glazing dramatically transforms the appearance of a home, giving it a modern and well-maintained look. This not only improves the overall impression of the structure, but can also increase the market value of the property.

And of course, double-glazed windows often have improved functional features such as better opening and closing mechanisms, ease of maintenance and cleaning. As well as customization options, giving homeowners the chance to choose windows that strictly meet their individual needs and design preferences.

Canglow is committed to keeping up with the times by offering the installation of windows and doors made from technologically advanced materials. We offer on-trend models that look good in homes and apartments and perform well.

Our window pricing is nothing short of amazing for our customers. Great discounts make ordering and installation the right decision to save money in the long run!


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