Benefits of Replacing Sash Windows with Casement Windows

So, you’ve decided to replace the windows in your house. If you’re like most people, you probably have questions as to the best strategy. Maybe you have no idea about the different kinds of windows, or perhaps you figure you’ll just replace them with the kind you already have. If you have wood windows, do you replace with wood or do you use a different material? Do you use sash windows or casement windows?

If you have sash windows, they have probably worked decently until now, but maybe you’ve noticed a few issues in the past. Sash windows can be drafty unless you maintain the weather stripping. The clever mechanisms that allow the windows to easily move and hold their position are internal and when they work, they’re great, but if there’s ever a problem, it can be challenging to repair them.

If your window frames and cases are wood, there can be rot problems, and you must keep up with painting them to forestall this, and even so, high humidity can make them sticky. If it doesn’t, then they’re likely to be drafty in high winds or cold temperatures.

Materials that are standard in window frames and case construction are wood, metal (usually aluminum), different kinds of vinyl, and fiberglass. In general, the best value for your choice of material is vinyl. In fact, vinyl is an unmatched choice for window frames – it provides excellent durability and is capable of providing more insulation than traditional wooden frames. Wood rots and sticks while metal conducts heat well, so it tends to be a source of energy inefficiency and condensation issues, and fiberglass is considerably more expensive than vinyl.

Casement windows are an attractive and practical alternative to the sash window, boasting classic looks with better energy efficiency. With so many benefits for both the home and homeowners, they’re a great choice.

Below are the top ten benefits that casement windows have to offer.

Variety of Design Features

Casement windows have endless methods of customization and are available in different configurations for the opening. Standard casement windows open from the side, allowing a great deal of ventilation, visibility, and light. If you like having your windows open while it’s raining, the awning style blocks the rain from coming in effectively as long as the wind is not unbearable. Depending on availability, astragal bars (external) or Georgian bars (internal) can provide the elegant look of smaller panes of glass from an earlier time.

Energy Efficient

All casement windows are highly energy efficient compared to sash windows. Thanks to enhanced glazing and an effective window sash pressing against the frame on closing, air entry and leakage is better prevented. Vinyl casement windows provide excellent durability and are capable of providing more insulation than traditional wooden frames.

Wood and aluminum have been ruling the hearts of homeowners as the primary window frame choice until recently, but homeowners are warming up to this contemporary option. An unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) window unit that is a whole unit of fusion-welded frame and sash creates strength and durability. This method of construction makes the frames weather resistant and also seals the corners to provide extra insulation. Teamed with a range of excellent Low-E glasses and other weather-resistant panes, this type of unit helps lower your energy bills in both summer and winter.

Easy to Open and Close

Thanks to the use of single-lever latches, casement windows are very easy to operate, opening and closing smoothly every time. Most models can be further fitted with automatic openers for increased ease of use. Without the weight of the sash sliding, or any problems due to sticking, opening casement windows is a breeze.

Excellent Ventilation

Since traditional casement windows open outward, they have no trouble flooding any room or space with the desired amount of ventilation. Unlike double-hung windows which are closed on top, casement windows open from top to bottom so it’s never a struggle to feel cool.

Made to Measure

There is always a slight difference in measurement of all windows, and if you’re replacing your old ones, chances are that mass-produced ones won’t fit your existing frame. Vinyl casement windows can be manufactured to accommodate any size or shape opening you need to fill in your home. Through advanced extrusion and profile-bending techniques, any style of home can incorporate casement windows.

Enhanced Security

Casement windows meet high standards of security. They are considered the most secure type of window because they are internal glazed and, with no way to turn the crank from the outside, there’s really no way an intruder could enter your home through the window if you’re sure to close and lock it. No additional hardware is needed to make the casement window more secure, but a variety of locking features can be incorporated for optimal security.

Slimline Frames

Casement windows have extremely slim sightlines, which helps homeowners gain a wider view of the outside. No more bending over to look out your window when it’s open!

Glazing Options

It’s possible to add almost any glass design to your casement window frames, including beveled designs and stained glass. They can also incorporate either double or triple glazing to further ensure that you are never left out in the cold.

Low Maintenance

Your casement windows will never require heavy amounts of cleaning, simply requiring a wipe down should they ever become dusty or dirtied. If the window is designed to open a full ninety degrees, even cleaning the glass is easy, with both sides readily available and no ladders necessary! Casement windows can also have a lifespan of roughly 30 years, more than giving you your money’s worth on investment.

Variety of Colours Available

Custom Vinyl Windows casement windows can be customized with many colors and are both non-corroding and UV-resistant so its finish can be preserved.

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