A Complete Guide On How To Secure Your Home

Even though Canada reaches the top ten list of safest places to be in the world out of an extensive list of 162 countries, that isn’t to say it’s 100% free of all crime. According to some statistics compiled recently, there are around 580 homes that are targeted for theft every single year out of around 100,000 homes throughout Canada. In the grand scheme of things, that isn’t a huge amount, but the threat does still exist. If you’re worried about home burglaries, then it’s a good idea to learn how to secure your home with security systems, sensor windows, and a number of other things that will deter thieves.

It’s always good to be well-prepared in the event that a burglary takes place when you aren’t home. Many people keep a lot of valuables and sentimental goods stored in their homes, and these are things that can have a deep impact.

To start securing your home, it’s always good to consider how well-reinforced the entry points to your home are. This doesn’t only include the doors. You have to take a look at all of the windows, as well.

For those that are wondering about increasing the defence in your home against thieves, you’ll be glad to know that it doesn’t take much. What are some things you can do to prevent burglars from breaking in?

Consider Reinforcing All Of The Locks On Your Windows

Reinforcing the locks on all of your windows is one of the best ways to increase the defence in your home. An experienced home thief will know exactly what to do to bypass the conventional window locks and gain entry to your house. Aftermarket windows include more security than the standard ones, and thieves will have a much harder time getting in through them.

What Are Some Types Of Aftermarket Window Locks?

  • Pin locks: Pin locks will keep your windows locked tight with a pin that can be removed. These types of locks are very straightforward to install.
  • Hinged wedge locks: These types of locks will act sort of like a wedge to prevent thieves from breaking in. Due to the wedge, the windows won’t be able to slide until that wedge is taken out.
  • Keyed window locks: These locks are similar to a door in that you need a key to open them and also to keep them locked. If you’re the type to leave your home and long periods of time, then keyed window locks are the ideal choice.

Consider Changing The Glass In The Window

Many conventional windows have glass that will shatter apart when something is struck against them. Thieves like it when they see the standard glass on homes because it’s easy to break and enter. It’s even better for thieves when no one is around to hear the noise resulting from the glass being broken.

To safeguard yourself, considering using tempered glass or even plexiglass on your windows. These two types of glass are much more durable to any type of impact, and they also keep their shape better if a thief does try to break them open.

Window Sensors

A lot of the current security systems on the market include window sensors that will alert them when one has been compromised. If the window sensor is breached, loud noises and flashing lights will start in an attempt to thwart off the thief.

Plant Security Cameras In Your Yard

Planting security cameras around your property goes a long way in not only monitoring your home but also scaring off burglars. One of the first things that a burglar does is scope out a property. If they see a bunch of security cameras surrounding the home, there’s a much lesser chance that they’ll try breaking in because then their identity will be revealed.

It’s recommended to place cameras in areas where the doors and windows are on your home. Sometimes keeping the cameras in plain sight is a good way to scare off thieves. This deterrent will at least scare off a percentage of the thieves that attempt to break into a home.

If the thief is really experienced, they will know of ways to stop the camera from working if they can get up close to it. If you’re able to keep the camera in an area that the thief can still see it but can’t access it, then that will put a damper on their ability to try disarming it.

Consider Installing Metal Grills

Windows are probably the most common way that thieves are able to break into homes, but what if you have metal grills attached to the windows? Unless the thief has a bunch of specific tools with them, they won’t be able to break through metal.

Some people might not opt for this method because they lower the overall appeal of the home. There are, however, some professional metalworkers out there that know how to design metal grills for windows in a way that can add a decorative flair to your home.

Ensure That There Is Ample Lighting Around Your Property

Most thieves typically choose the nighttime hours to break into homes because the darkness will keep their identity from being revealed. Darkness boosts their confidence, but what if you keep all of the entry areas around your home lit up? Floodlights are a good way to light up a broad area of space around a home. Leaving lights on when you aren’t home is another way to make it look like the house is currently occupied, and thieves don’t usually try robbing homes that have people in them.

Motion sensing lights are a good option too. When motion is detected around a home, the light will shine brightly and might cause a thief to run away from the area.

Take A Look At Your Landscaping

Years ago when tempered glass and security systems didn’t yet exist, a lot of people landscaped their yards in a way that would make it very difficult for thieves to maneuver around with stolen goods. Some used thorny plants near the windows so that thieves wouldn’t be as compelled to waste their time on that particular home.

Even though the landscaping method might be a little outdated and less technologically-advanced than the other options, it is one that could make breaking in that much more complicated.

If you’re considering this method, some of the plants that can be used are:

  • Blackthorn
  • Creeping Juniper
  • Shrub rose

With this method, you’re not only deterring thieves from breaking in, but you’re also increasing the aesthetics surrounding your home in a creative way.

With all of the various ways to reinforce your window locks and boost the security of your home, there’s bound to be a way that will leave you with less anxiety and worry when you go to bed at night or leave the house for the weekend.

Give one or two of these methods a try and enjoy the added security of your home.


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