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Beautiful doors for the harsh Edmonton weather

Canglow Windows and Doors specialize in crafting energy efficient doors that are suited perfectly for harsh climatic conditions. The entrance to a home experiences the heaviest traffic and doors are continuously opened and closed to let people in and out of the house. Sometimes, they are left ajar for a while, causing a lot of energy loss through the opening, however small it may be. We take all of this into account while crafting beautiful, strong doors for your home. All our doors are created to be extra energy efficient, to keep your home warm in winters and cool in summers. Our range of doors can help keep your energy expenditure in check.

Durability is an aspect we work with, creating our doors from solid hardwood, strong glass, and hardy plywood, all of which are guaranteed to last for many years. With a team of expert technicians who are driven by the motive for constant innovation, we bring you entrance-ways that are resilient and energy efficient, reliable and beautiful all at the same time.

Each of the doors we manufacture are created with precision to withstand the harsh Canadian climate, and crafted to keep them looking new for long. We ensure that each entrance-way is an investment that will provide safety indoors, while creating a beautiful statement on the outside of your house.

Each of our products come with Energy Star ratings and qualifies for the harsh climatic conditions that Edmonton experiences. With our range of energy efficient doors, you can expect comfortable interiors all year through. The page on understanding energy efficiency gives a low down on the importance of Energy Star homes.

Entry Doors

Entry doors

Canglow Entry Doors are crafted to attain the highest standards of quality and craft, so that each of them is strong and durable.

Patio Doors

Patio Doors

Patio doors made of glass provide a clear view of the outside while allowing in maximum amount of sunlight.

Custom Doors

Custom Doors

Wide selection of premium custom doors enabling you to create functional spaces within your home.