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Tips for caring for plastic windows in Canadian climates

Canada’s peculiar climate – from freezing winters to warm summers – is a reason to take care of your home in advance, thinking about not freezing in the cold and not suffering from heat in the warm season. And the first thing to do is to install windows in your home made of quality materials.

If you are in search of quality double or triple glazing – call our Edmonton office. Our Canglow company offers a wide range of double glazing and door models. We do installation in Peace River. We can come out for measurements and installation:

  • в Weberville; 
  • St Isidore;
  • Grimshaw; 
  • Berwyn; 
  • Warrensville; 
  • Brownvale; 
  • Early Gardens;
  • Marie Reine;
  • Nampa;
  • Fairview; 
  • Falher и Spirit River.

What you need to know

Canadians who choose to install new double glazing for their cottages or apartments should understand how to care for them. Proper care not only ensures longevity, but will also contribute significantly to the energy efficiency and comfort of the home. With simple care procedures, the lifespan of vinyl glazing can be infinitely long – 50 years or more. Throughout its lifetime, the glass will retain its excellent aesthetic and functional characteristics.

Choose high-quality windows

When you choose a Canglow window installation company, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the products. We offer well-constructed plastic windows that are characterized by good insulation properties. Our triple panes of glass provide reliable protection from Canada’s harsh weather conditions.

Choose professional installation

Don’t even plan on doing the work yourself. Installation requires:

  • in-depth knowledge;
  • specialized tools;
  • practical experience.

Correct installation ensures an airtight fit, reducing draughts and heat loss in cold weather. Entrust this task to our qualified specialists, who are familiar with the local climate and carry out the work in full compliance with current requirements and regulations.

Clean regularly

Clean your windows regularly to maintain their appearance and functionality. Use soapy water and a soft cloth or sponge to avoid damaging the frame or scratching the glass. Clean the rails and sills to prevent dirt buildup.

Check the seals

Don’t be lazy and at least occasionally inspect your gaskets for signs of wear or damage. Worn seals that show signs of cracking can cause drafts in your Weberville home. To maintain the integrity of your insulation, any worn seals should be replaced in a timely manner. The procedure is quick and simple, but should only be performed by trained professionals.

Remove condensation

Condensation can build up on windows during the colder seasons. Although modern windows are designed to minimize this. Excess condensation is a sign of poor ventilation. To avoid the problem, carry out regular ventilation of your home. This will help to reduce humidity levels and prevent damp from forming on your windows.

Lubricate movable parts

Windows in St Isidore homes with moving parts such as latches and hinges will need to be lubricated periodically. To ensure that these parts work smoothly, silicone-based technological lubricants should be used. Regular lubrication prevents friction-related damage and ensures ease of use.


Increase energy efficiency by insulating your windows in Grimshaw. Use expanding foam (assembly foam) or caulk to seal gaps between the window frame and the wall. Proper insulation prevents drafts and helps maintain a consistent room temperature. But if you make an order of triple glazing in our company – the necessary work on insulation is carried out during the installation of windows by our masters. That is, you will not have to take care of it. Specialists will carry out the work on a turnkey basis.

Carry out regular clearing of debris and snow

During Canadian winters, snow and debris can accumulate around windows. Snow caps should be removed in a timely manner to avoid excessive stress on the frames. To prevent water accumulation, especially during spring ice and snow melt, make sure drainage channels are clear. If necessary, clean them carefully.

Order window film

Specialty films improve insulation and reliably protect against ultraviolet radiation. Low transmittance films reflect heat back into the room, making your Berwyn home more energy efficient. They also reduce glare and protect furniture from the sun’s rays, resulting in fade-free upholstery on expensive sofas and chairs, as well as keeping wallpaper and other furnishings bright.

Buy storm windows

Consider installing storm windows, especially in regions prone to severe weather. These are structures that are mounted on the outside or inside of a home’s main glass windows. The products provide an additional layer of insulation and protection, greatly improving energy efficiency and weather resistance.

Get repairs done by professionals

Call Masters if you notice problems such as:

  • blowing through double-glazed windows;
  • water seeping through the frames;
  • difficulty in opening and closing.

Attempting window repair in Early Gardens on your own can make the problem worse. Experienced professionals will accurately assess the situation and quickly and competently perform the necessary repairs.

Types of Canglow windows

Our company is a reliable partner in the world of cozy and modern interiors. We specialize in the installation of a variety of double-glazed windows, including swinging double and sliding windows, creating a unique style of your home.

Technologically advanced double-hung glazing provides superior ventilation and natural light, while single-slider models offer reliability and functionality. We also offer designs for bay windows and porches, giving your home a unique look.

Our range of products also offers:

  • high quality metal doors;
  • models ideal for patios;
  • durable and stylish fiberglass doors.

Our products are created with attention to every detail. When you buy from Canglow, you get not only reliability and functionality, but also a unique style that will emphasize the unique style of your home.

How is the window cost calculated?

The first step is to choose the type of windows and their dimensions. Next, consider your preferences in terms of materials and glass (double, triple). Our experts at our Edmonton office are always ready to advise you and help you choose the perfect insulated glass model that will 100% meet your needs and budget.

In addition, our company offers a unique opportunity to save money. We provide significant discounts on all models presented, making the process of renovating your home more affordable. Thanks to the reduced cost of windows, you will be able to install quality double-glazed windows with great savings.

We guarantee high quality products and reliable installation. Don’t miss the chance to renovate your home with comfort and savings!


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