Building Processes & Environment

Our contribution to a greener Earth

Canglow is at the forefront of integrating up-to-date technology and environmentally friendly practices directly into our building processes.

Canglow believes in minimizing waste consumption; that is why we create energy-efficient products and recycle 100% of our used materials to do our share for the Earth.

We’re very proud of showcasing the industry-leading methods we use to create our windows. Some of our technology includes:

  • CNC Corner Cleaning technology, which eliminates hand scratching of weld lips and provides the best automated finishes available in the industry.
  • The application of different types and thicknesses of glazing on sealed glass units.
  • Multi-point locking systems, which provides optimal security.
  • Double-sealed insulating glass on all windows.
  • Exclusive use of top of the line German technology; U-R-B-A-N brand machinery.

We also incorporate meticulous care into our building processes, to ensure each and every Canglow window is strong, sturdy and extremely efficient.

  • Window frames and sashes are fusion welded for strength, providing permanent air and water tight seals.
  • All windows are fusion welded with a burn off ¼”, to ensure durability and strength.
  • 45° cuts are done with digital precision to provide maximum strength while welding.
  • We make our own sealed glass thermo units, to ensure prompt delivery and the highest quality.
  • We build our windows with a high number of internal air chambers, giving them outstanding insulation properties, as well as thermal efficiency and increased sturdiness. The environment also plays a huge factor in our company’s manufacturing process. Canglow exclusively uses 100% lead-free Polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) to make its windows. We recycle 100% of the materials we use, to ensure we minimize our footprint on the environment and do our part for a brighter future.